Corporate Race Events

Corporate or family events are basically the same. Teams work together to accumiliate the greatest virtual bank balance.

Each team will start with 100 credits in their virtual bank. Over the following six races each team must work together, too develop their strategy on the winning horses in each race.

We provide plenty of banter until the winning team is declared.

Throughout your family or corporate race event we will show a combination of flat and jump races from English racecourses complete with professional commentators.

Brief Format

After your guests are seated, each team will be given a fun bank card with 1000 credits per card.

Their fun team name is taken, and each team are invited to select a team runner to place the team bets. (Teams runners can be changed any time during the event.)

  1. We will introduce the evening, the format, and how to part take using various PowerPoint slides.
  2. Each team is asked to nominate a runner to place team bets.
  3. The race card is then shown and read by the compere. (Live betting stats are displayed at the bottom of the onscreen race card.)
  4. The Betting desk is now opened.
  5. Each team runner will use their fun bank card to place thire team bets at £1.00 (or one credit) per bet in any combination or amount they like. (This may be limited for the first race.)
  6. A thermal tote ticket is provided.
  7. Once all bets are placed, the betting desk is closed.
  8. A race selector card is now chosen by one of the guests at random, and the race played.
  9. Each winning bank balance is automatically updated. With winnings are given for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.
  10. The race results are announced, and all bank balances are shown on-screen.
  11. We also announce which team has gained the most cash on the race.
  12. Then race two commences.

Race Card Example

The Race Card

An example of our on-Screen Race Card.

Horse and stable names may be adjusted and customised by yourselves.

If you supply the names of attendees, we will payout extra funds to the winning attendee’s team.

You may now optionally add our small disco to play after your event. Providing a complete all-in-one solution.