Race Night Questions and Answers

Can We Accept Card Payments At The Tote?

  • We highly reccommend organisers purchase a Sum Up card reader. These have a very low transaction fee, and allows your ‘punters’ to buy their tote tickets by card transaction.

Do You Use Fun Debit Cards At Wedding Or Family Events?

  • Yes, for speed and flow. There is no cash counting, therefore we keep the pace exciting.

Why Do You Recommend A Computerised Tote System?

  • Speed and accuracy. Sixty five punters can be served in 7 minutes with one terminal.
  • Printed on each betting slip is your fund raiser name for extra exposure.
  • Full interactive betting odds are displayed on-screen with your race card during the betting.

What About Safety?

  • Safety is paramount both to our clients and their guests.
    We carry full public liability insurance, and annually PAT test our equipment for electrical safety.
    It is for this reason we no longer use artificial grass or fencing.

Race Card

  • Always return a copy of your race card by email to Cumbria Race Nights. Failing to do so will mean your race card will not be projected on screen between races, and your race card may not be read out aloud.
  • Return your race card in a text format. for example Microsoft Word, or Excel. Tabbed Text or CSV.