Tote Computer System

A Typical Fund Raising Event In A Village Hall.

Your guests can buy any amount of tote tickets. There is no limit on the number of bets, or the amount of cash that can be placed.
Once the tote is closed, the cash taken is split between the fund raiser and the winners.

We will produce PowerPoint slides of each race. These slides will enhance your event with the sponsor name, and the race card stats which are shown at the bottom of the screen are interactively updated after each tote ticket sale.

After each race the number of winners, and the amount winnings are displayed on screen. The race sponsor is once again acknowledged.

Touch Screen

Our tote ticket system offers amazing benefits:

  • Two ticket seller are needed. One to take the cash, and the other person to operate the tote. Both seller and cashier can serve 65 guests in 7 minutes!
  • We provide tote tickets are similar to those used at race courses.
  • Real-time race stats displayed on-screen. To help build up the excitement.
  • In just two touches of the tote screen the sale is complete, with a printed tote ticket. It is ideal for events up to 120 guests.
  • The tote system even prints your event name at the top of every ticket.
Touch Screen
Touch Screen