Fund Raising Race Nights

Fund raising race nights are a unique way to raise funds, and bring all the excitement of the race course to your organisation, charity, or even a family.

We arrive fully contained with:

  • Projection & Screen
  • Electro Voice P.A.
  • TouchScreen Tote System
  • Race DVD’s

Why not link your race night with a karoake or quiz?
This will provide a fabulous night out and raise funds for your orgainisation.
Karaoke on the projected screen following your race event is amazing. Plus because the equipment is already setup, the extra cost is just a few pounds.

We provide professional Shure 58 microphones, over 1,200 UK Songs, and Allen & Heath mixing with reverb. Audio recording is optional.

The Races

All our race have excellent graphics, fun introductions, 1-2-3-4 finishing order, and commentaries by Channel 4’s Peter Bromley or Marc Johnston.

Race LocationType Of Races
Great BritainHorses (Jumps & Flats)
Hong KongFlat Racing
IrelandPig Racing
New ZealandTrot Racing
Fund Raising Race Event
Fund Raising at Braithwaite Village Hall