Fund Raising Race Nights

Fund raising race nights are a unique way to raise funds, and bring all the excitement of the race course to your organisation, charity, or even a family.

We arrive fully contained with:

  • Projection & Screen
  • Bose or Electro Voice P.A.
  • TouchScreen Tote System
  • Horse races. Including national funt and flats, from the UK and overseas.
  • Race compare.

The Races

All our race have excellent graphics, fun introductions, 1-2-3-4 finishing order, and commentaries by Channel 4’s Peter Bromley or Marc Johnston.

Race LocationType Of Races
Great BritainJumps & Flats
Hong KongFlat Racing
IrelandPig Racing
New ZealandTrot Racing


Why not link your race night with a karoake or quiz?
This will provide a fabulous night out and raise more funds for your orgainisation.

Karaoke on the projected screen after your race event . Plus because the equipment is already setup, the extra cost is only £60.00.

We provide professional Shure 58 microphones, over 1,200 UK Songs, Allen & Heath mixing, and optional audio recording.

Video Quizzes

You can even have a Video Quiz after your Race Night.

Each team will pay a fee to participate, thus boosting your fund raising. With a ptize given io the winning team.

Our quizzes are TV & Film based with a few general knowledge rounds thrown in.

We normally include about 10 rounds of TV & Film questions.

Fund Raising Race Event
Fund Raising at Braithwaite Village Hall