How To Run A Race Night

Before each race begins, your guests will buy their betting slips at the tote desk.
These tote slips are similar to shop printed receipts.

There are no limits to the number of tickets that may be purchased at the betting desk.
Once the betting is closed, a race selector card is selected by a guest at random and then the corresponding race played.
After the race, the money collected from the race is split between the fund raiser and the winners.
See the example below.

How The Betting Works

We will use a 50% split. Tote tickets cost £1.00 each.

  • Runner 1 sells 10 tickets = £10.00
  • Runner 2 sells 8 tickets = £8.00
  • Runner 3 sells 16 tickets = £16.00
  • Runner 4 sells 4 tickets = £4.00
  • Runner 5 sells 15 tickets = £15.00
  • Runner 6 sells 16 tickets = £16.00
  • Runner 7 sells 20 tickets = £20.00
  • Runner 8 sells 15 tickets = £15.00

Therefore £104.00 is split 50/50.
The fund-raiser will take £52.00 and the winning ticket holders share the remaining £52.00.
If Runner 4 wins, the remaining £52.00 is split between the 4 winning tote ticket holders, which is £13.00 each.

Race Night Law

Race Event Regulations: Click Here

Powerpoint Tech

Please return a copy of your race card via email to Cumbria Race Night 24hrs prior to your event. This allows us to display your race card on screen between each race.

If you decide not to send a copy back to us, simply photocopy your race card and place a copy on each table on the night of your event.

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How to run a race night
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